4-5 December 2019 EU Agencies Conference 

7 December 2017 EU Agencies Event

21 September 2017 TARN Dialogue Event

10 November 2016 TARN conference
‘EU Agencies and Transparency: Comparing transparency policies at EFSA and EMA’ by Dominic Way and Ragnar Löfstedt.

10 November 2016 Conference

‘EU Agencies and Banking: Some reflections on the governance and accountability of the Single Resolution Board’ by Marta Bozina Beros


10 November 2016 TARN conference
‘Unfinished constitutionalization: the politicised agency administration and its consequences’ by Michelle Everson and Ellen Vos

29 June 2016 TARN Dialogue Event

27 April 2016 TARN lecture
‘European Integration And Its Modes: Function Vs. Territory’ by Prof. Giandomenico Majone.