The European Implementation Assessment (EIA) drawn up by TARN Partner Ellen Vos was presented to the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament on 27 November.

This EIA ‘EU Agencies, Common Approach and Parliamentary
Scrutiny’ was commissioned by the Ex-post Evaluation Unit of the European Parliament Research Service. It provides an overview of the different decentralised EU agencies according to a number of criteria, including their functions, legal bases, sources of financing, respective roles of Parliament, Council, Commission and Member States, stakeholder involvement and transparency. In particular, it examines how parliamentary scrutiny over decentralised agencies is undertaken and suggests possible improvements to those mechanisms, in order to reach a more coherent, efficient and transparent institutional set-up for parliamentary scrutiny of agencies’ activities.
In her presentation, Professor Vos underlined that a ‘one size fits all’ approach would not be appropriate, given the heterogeneity of the many EU agencies. Instead, one should think of establishing provisions for clusters of agencies. She also noted it is time to come to a definition of agencies and to agree on a coherent model of parliamentary scrutiny, also taking account of the current discharge procedure and preventing, among other things, conflicts of interest on their management boards. At the same time, certain existing accountability mechanisms should be restructured to avoid overload.

TARN Partner presents study to the European Parliament