TARN – Briefs

The field of study of EU agencies has vastly increased. This has increased the need for creating more clarity with regard to some of the fundamental notions about agencies in the EU. These information sheets provide basic definitions and knowledge about the essential aspects of EU agencies. To this end, TARN information sheets aim to increase the understanding of EU agencies based on the findings of the TARN research events. In this manner these information sheets are of high importance for teachers and everyone with an interest in EU agencies to gain knowledge and insights into the challenges posed by the agencification process of EU executive governance.

The sheets are organised in the following main themes:

1. Conceptualisation of EU Agencies
2. Types of EU Agencies and Functions
3. Organisation
4. EU Agencies in the EU’s Institutional Landscape
5. EU Agencies and Banking
6. EU Agencies and Transparency
7. EU Agencies, Procedure and Courts
8. EU Agencies, Accountability and Legitimacy
9. EU Agencies, Participation and Independence
10. External Dimension of EU Agencies and Bodies