In addition to excellence, knowledge, and interdisciplinarity, TARN is committed to dialogue. TARN has integrate policymakers, civil servants and civil society within its objective of fostering the dialogue between academics and these target groups to exchange experiences and expertise. In this manner TARN forms a bridge between academia and practice.

‘EU Agencies in the Future Europe’, Maastricht 7 December 2017

On 7 December 2017, TARN co-organized an event entitled ‘EU Agencies in the Future Europe’ in Maastricht. This event was held in the context of the programme of ‘Europe Calling!’, commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty.

What do EU agencies do? Do EU agencies need to be controlled more or better? Do EU agencies need to be more independent? Are EU agencies sufficiently transparent? Do EU agencies need to be merged? Is the model on which EU agencies are based in terms of expertise still sufficient for the future? Do EU agencies need to be spread geographically all over the EU? Do EU agencies need to connect more to citizens? Can EU agencies bring Europe closer to its citizens? These and many other questions were discussed during this debate.

This event was livestreamed. The link can be found here

TARN Dialogue, Brussels 13 April 2018

The third dialogue was held in a roundtable format, and was intended to take stock of three years of action and interaction from and between academics and practitioners. Consequently, an agenda for reform was drawn up focussing on issues such as: ‘Has the agency mandate been extended too widely?’, ‘Can other forms of institutional innovation take the strain?’, ‘Are new forms of accountability available which are more compatible with the duty of the EU executive to provide efficient and effective (good) governance?’, ‘How can we minimise politics where it is a distraction, and maximise politics when it is needed?’, ‘How does the poor bureaucratic function in a world of complex and conflicting demands  for accountability and action?’. A report from the dialogue session can be found as a blog at the following link: Report 13 April 2018

TARN Dialogue, Brussels 21 September 2017

During the second TARN Dialogue Event, academics and practitioners again discussed several topics in breakout panels.

Panel 1 was chaired by Deirdre Curtin (EUI) and discussed Budget & Accountability

Panel 2 was chaired by Michelle Everson (Birbeck college) and discussed Performance & Effectiveness

Panel 3 was chaired by Ellen Vos (Maastricht University) and discussed Expertise, Transparency and Independence

Panel 4 was chaired by Maurizia de Bellis (Tor Vergata University of Rome) and discussed International Agency Co-Operation

Panel 5 was chaired by Jarle Trondal (Arena, University of Oslo) and discussed National Authorities, Stakeholders & Citizens

The conclusions from the event can be found here: Conclusions from 21 September 2017


TARN Dialogue, Brussels 29 June 2016

During this event, academics and practitioners discussed four topics in breakout sessions.

Group 1 was chaired by Deirdre Curtin (EUI) and discussed Interinstitutional relations, constitutionality and accountability
Conclusions Group 1

Group 2 was chaired by Giacinto della Cananea (Tor Vergata, Rome University) and discussed Power, procedures and judicial review
Conclusions Group 2

Group 3 was chairwed by Herwig Hofmann (University of Luxembourg) and discussed the international dimension of EU agencies
Conclusions Group 3

Group 4 was chaired by Michelle Everson (Birkbeck College, University College London) and discussed Functionality, budgets, risks and efficiency
Conclusions Group 4

Please find a complete summary of the conclusions here: Conclusions from 29 June 2016