Ellen Vos

Ellen Vos

Maastricht University

Ellen Vos is the leading project partner of TARN, having been awarded EU funding to establish the network. She is Professor of European Union Law at the Law Faculty of Maastricht University and Co-director of the Maastricht Centre for European Law of Maastricht University. Ellen Vos studied law at the Universities of Utrecht and Bologna. She was a trainee at the European Commission, the European Consumer Organisation and the European Court of Justice. She wrote and obtained her Ph.D. in Law at the European University Institute in Florence. She was a Jean Monnet fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre of the European University Institute (Florence). She is the author of many publications, in particular on EU agencies, comitology, EU governance and EU risk regulation

dellacananea Giacinto della Cananea

Bocconi University

Giacinto della Cananea teaches administrative law and is full Professor at Tor Vergata University Law School. Previously, he has taught EU Administrative Law in the Business School 2011-14, Naples University 2005-11, Urbino University 1999-05 and Lecce University 1997-98, holding a JM Chair in EU Law. He taught EU law in Frankfurt University and Duke, and EU administrative law at Science-Po Paris. He lectured in France and the US, where he taught Global Law at Yale Law School. Giacinto della Cananea is an expert in Italian, EU and comparative administrative law, and in aspects of constitutional theory and constitutional history. He was founding member, French-Italian forum of dialogue on administrative law, coordinating the German-Italian conferences-public law. In 2013 he was appointed member, governing board, Italian Court of Auditors by the Parliament.

Merijn Chamon

Ghent University

Merijn Chamon is Doctor in Law and Postdoctoral Researcher of the FWO Flanders at the Ghent European Law Institute. Merijn’s PhD research focused on the European (decentralized) agencies. He defended his thesis in 2015 and published the revised version with Oxford University Press in 2016. Before starting his academic career as an academic assistant at the Department of European, Public and International Law he pursued a Master’s degree in EU-studies and a Master’s degree in European Law. Merijn’s research interests encompass EU constitutional and institutional law (both internal and regarding external relations). As regards substantive law, he also has a keen interest in several areas of EU internal market law.

Deirdre Curtin

European University Institute

Deirdre Curtin is an internationally renowned scholar in the field of European Law. She won the prestigious Spinoza prize awarded by the Dutch Scientific Organisation in 2007, the first time the prize was awarded to a lawyer. Deirdre Curtin founded the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance in 2009, a centre of excellence at the University of Amsterdam. She is research leader of several innovative research projects embracing both law and political science, including Open Government in the European Union, Compound Constitution(s) in Europe and The Architecture of Post-national Rulemaking. She authored and co-authored a number of scientific monographs published with leading international publishers and writes regularly in leading law and political science journals.

Egeberg_Web Morten Egeberg

ARENA Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo

Professor Egeberg’s fields of expertise include the study of organizational factors in political systems – such as the relationship between organisational and institutional forms on the one hand and decision-making processes on the other hand – but also changes in organisational and institutional forms. The research focuses especially on the European Commission, EU agencies, national executives, and the relationship between the EU level and the national level. Egeberg has initiated and coordinated several research projects. He was the Academic Director of ARENA (2003-2007). He is currently a co-chair of work-package 2 of the EURODIV project.

michelle-everson Michelle Everson

Birkbeck College

Michelle Everson is Professor of European Law in the School of Law, Birkbeck and Assistant Dean for Programme Development. She has previously held posts as the Managing Editor of the European Law Journal at the European University Institute in Florence, as a lecturer in Law and Political Science at the University of Bremen and as a fellow at the Centre for European Legal Policy at the University of Bremen. She is an acknowledged expert in the field of agency design and governance. She has contributed widely to EU policy and design processes (ECB, EU Commission (Agenda 2000) and the European Parliament. She has researched widely in the field of European Law and has particular interests in the areas of European regulatory law, European administrative and constitutional law and European citizenship.



Justin Orlando Frosini

Center for Constitutional Studies and Democratic Development

Justin Orlando Frosini is Associate Professor of Comparative Public Law, Director of the Center for Constitutional Studies and Democratic Development and Adjunct Professor of Constitutional Law at the Johns Hopkins University SAIS Europe. He graduated in Law at the University of Bologna where he also obtained a PhD in Constitutional Law. His main research areas are Comparative Public Law, Constitutional Law, Anglo-American Law, Italian Constitutional Law, Constitutional Transitions and Democratic Development.

Herwig C.H. Hofmann
University of Luxembourg

Herwig C.H. Hofmann the founding Professor of the Law Department and Professor of European and Transnational Public Law and Jean Monnet Chair. He also teaches at Sciences Po in Paris and has been visiting professor and scholar inter alia at Columbia Law School in New York, the University of San Francisco Law School and the European Institute of Public Administration in Maastricht. His research and teaching covers European constitutional, regulatory and administrative law, as well as international economic law. Hofmann has practiced as a lawyer in Brussels and is admitted to appear before the Court of Justice of the Justice of the European Union. He is a member of the governing board and editorial boards of several academic journals and institutions.

Christian Joerges Christian Joerges

Hertie School of Governance

Christian Joerges is Professor of Law and Society at the Hertie School of Governance. His research focuses on European and international economic law, risk regulation within the EU and in international trade relations, particularly the legitimacy problems of governance arrangements and practices. He is also committed as Research Professor at the Law Faculty of Bremen University and Co-Director of the Centre of European Law and Politics. He held the chair for European Economic Law at the European University Institute Florence until 2007. He was a Visiting Professor at Trento, Italy; Birkbeck University College, London; the University of Toronto, New York University Law School and Columbia Law School. In 2009, he was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University Freiburg. He is the co-editor of the European Law Journal.





Marko Milenkovic 

Bologna Institute for Policy Research

Marko Milenkovic is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Bologna Institute for Policy Research. His main research interests include legal transformation in the context of the European integration process, EU conditionality and public administration reforms. He has also published in the areas of Environmental Law and State Aid. In his PhD thesis Dr Milenkovic dealt with position and role of public agencies in the protection of the environment focusing on decision making by expert bodies. He obtained his PhD in law at the University of Belgrade. He also holds a Master in Law from the University of Cambridge and a Master in EU Law from the University of Belgrade.
Johannes Pollak

Institute for Advanced Studies Vienna

Johannes Pollak is the Head of the Political Science Department at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna and Professor Political Science at Webster University Vienna. He is a lecturer at the Universities of Vienna and Salzburg and has many years of experience with the evaluation of European Framework Program projects both at the European and the national level. He was a Jean Monnet Fellow at the Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the EUI, Florence, Leverhulme Fellow at the University of Reading, UK, and Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the LSE. He has participated in a number of international research projects (e.g. CIDEL, RECON, CONNEX). His research focus is devoted to democracy and parliamentarism beyond the nation state, theories of political representation and European energy policy.

Jarle6 Jarle Trondal
ARENA Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo

Professor Trondal’s fields of expertise include the study of the European executive order and the nascent EU multilevel administrative system. The research focuses particularly on the European Commission, agency-like institutions such as EU agencies, governance by committees, and the multi-hatted role of national agencies. The research focuses also more generally on governance in turbulent times, such as how European government institutions tackle evolving and ambiguous internal and external constraints. Jarle Trondal has initiated and coordinated several research projects.

Esther Versluis 2-aangepast Esther Versluis

Maastricht University

Esther Versluis is Associate Professor in European Regulatory Governance at Maastricht University. She is the author of many publications, in particular on the role of agencies in the European regulatory system. She was awarded with the ‘Van Poelje prize’ for the best PhD dissertation in the field of public administration in the Netherlands and Flanders, and she has been a Fulbright visiting professor at Cornell University.

Bruno De Witte Bruno de Witte

Maastricht University

Bruno de Witte is Professor of European Union Law at Maastricht University. He is also part-time Professor of EU law at the European University Institute, Florence, since 2010, having previously worked as a full-time Professor at the Institute for 10 years. He is co-director of the Maastricht Centre for European Law of Maastricht University. He is the author of many publications in the field of EU institutional law.