Charikleia Vlachou, ‘The Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group for Europol: a successful institutional innovation?’ (20 April 2018)

Associating national parliaments to the democratic accountability of European agencies is not easy to conceptualize: the relationship between the two seems to be a primarily indirect one based on the control of national executives for the actions of national representatives in the Management Boards of European agencies. However, article 88(2) TFEU constructs a further direct link between national parliaments and Europol by foreseeing the “scrutiny of Europol’s activities by the European Parliament, together with national Parliaments”. This provision served as the basis for the establishment by the Europol regulation of a new interparliamentary conference, entitled the Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group (JPSG).

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New TARN blog: Charikleia Vlachou on Europol’s Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group