In addition to excellence, knowledge, and interdisciplinarity, TARN is committed to dialogue. TARN will integrate policymakers, civil servants and civil society within its objective of fostering the dialogue between academics and these target groups to exchange experiences and expertise. In this manner TARN will form a bridge between academia and practice.


TARN Dialogue


TARN Dialogue, Brussels 29 June 2016

During this event, academics and practitioners discussed four topics in breakout sessions.

Group 1 was chaired by Deirdre Curtin (EUI) and discussed the Interinstitutional relations, constitutionality and accountability 

Group 2 was chaired by Giacinto della Cananea (Tor Vergata, Rome University) and discussed Power, procedures and judicial review

Group 3 was chairwed by Herwig Hofmann (University of Luxembourg and discussed the international dimension of EU agencies

Group 4 was chaired by Michelle Everson (Birkbeck College, University College London) and discussed Functionality, budgets, risks and efficiency

Please find a summary of the conclusions here: Breakout Conclusions