Mission Statement

The Academic Research Network on Agencification of EU Executive Governance (TARN) aims to promote multi- and interdisciplinary research about the agencification of EU executive governance and to encourage a dialogue between academia and practitioners.

TARN is a research, information and agenda-setting network informing agency operation within the EU in a transnational setting. It brings together renowned and young academics and practitioners from various disciplines and policy areas and pools knowledge on research and legal provisions, policy documents and information on the practical operation of EU agencies.

TARN activities

Over the years EU agencies have acquired an important place within the EU’s institutional landscape. They have performed a mixture of tasks, such as provision of information and expertise and delivery of services in many policy fields, such as food and air safety, medicines, environment, telecommunications, disease prevention, border control, trademarks and banking. Agencification has thus become characteristic of the EU executive. TARN studies this phenomenon.

In the beginning, TARN aimed to fill two particular lacunae in current agency research by:

1. promoting in-depth multi- and interdisciplinary research on critical concerns about the position and operation of EU agencies and agency-like bodies to integrate isolated disciplinary approaches;

2. encouraging the dialogue between academia and practitioners that is needed to enhance the democratisation of the EU in scholarship and practice.

TARN thus encouraged multi- and interdisciplinary research on four items:

– conceptualisation of agencification of EU executive governance;
– constitutionality, powers and legitimacy of EU agencies
– international dimension of agency activity; and
– functional operation and effectiveness.

Currently, TARN research focuses on the following themes:

– EU Agencies as ‘inbetweeners’;

– EU Agencies and Judicial Review; and

– The Legitimacy of EU Agencies.

TARN is moreover committed to fostering dialogue between academics, policymakers, civil servants and other stakeholders to exchange experiences and expertise on topics related to EU agencies or agency-like bodies. Throughout the years, it has offered a platform for exchange of expertise and knowledge between practitioners and academics in annual round tables.

TARN’s website includes a research database on agency literature and information on relevant agency news and provides for information sheets.

TARN publishes also a working papers series and blog entries.

TARN lecture series hosted renowned academics and practitioners to discuss salient issues of agencification of EU executive governance. These lectures were organised by the TARN partners in Berlin, Florence, London, Luxembourg, Maastricht, Oslo, Paris, Rome and Vienna.


Email: tarn@maastrichtuniversity.nl
Phone number: +31 43 3883124 (E. Vos)

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