On 27 April 2016, Prof. Giandomenico Majone gave a TARN lecture at the Hertie School of Governance in Majone1Berlin. The lecture was titled European Integration And Its Modes: Function Vs. Territory. In the event, Prof. Majone spoke on European integration and argued for an alternative mode based on ‘generalised agencification’ of Europe. This would entail a move to a strictly functional – but not ‘neofunctional’ – approach to European integration. An audience of over 30 people attended and asked questions about how this would work in practice, and what implications this would have for European solidarity. In addition to TARN lecture series, the event was part of a series of seminars in the European and Global Governance Colloquium on ‘Disintegration in Europe’.

Professor Majone is Emeritus Professor at the European University Institute in Florence. He is a well–known Italian intellectual and one of the most respected contributors in theorising about the European Union. His main recognition has come from his groundbreaking studies of the regulatory governance in the European Union, in particular on European agencies. Professor Majone is considered one of the leading figures in the European Union academic scholarship while his intellectual insights go well beyond it by providing sharp and well informed analyses in the wider arena of Political Science. He has held research and teaching positions in renowned European and American academic institutions including Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Rome University, London School of Economics, University of Pittsburg, and many others.

View the lecture below:

27 April 2016: TARN lecture in Berlin