Ilaria Graceffa and Maia Ignatenko have written a blog reporting on the TARN events that took place from 11-13 April in Brussels, entitled: ‘EU Agencies: Problem-Solving, Performance & the Accountability Overload: Squaring the Impossible Circle?’.

Academics and practitioners participated in several panels to discuss a variety of current topics related to problem-solving, operability and accountability overload of EU agencies and take a closer look at the current challenges which EU agencies are facing in their operations and to ask the complementary question of whether we must modify the legitimating concept of ‘agency accountability’ in order to facilitate complex agency operations. The workshop and dialogue session also investigated the potential for further institutional innovations within the context of EU operation, asking whether instruments other than the agency. The workshop consisted of four sessions, chaired by Michelle Everson (Birkbeck College) and Ellen Vos (Maastricht University).

The blog is available at:


New TARN blog: Report from the TARN Workshop and Dialogue in Brussels