Emilia Korkea-aho and Päivi Leino: ‘Is Glyphosate safe? We have the right to know’ (15 December 2017)

In November 2017, after a great deal of political maneuvering, the EU Member States decided to extend authorization for glyphosate, the world’s best-selling herbicide, for a period of five years. Eighteen Member States voted in favour of the extension, nine voted against and one abstained. The decision came following a lengthy and combative process, which focused on the question of whether glyphosate is carcinogenic, something that the World Health Organization declared in 2015 as probable. The public debate surrounding the decision has been exceptional, resulting in a ‘Ban Glyphosate’ European Citizens’ Initiative and a pending Court case relating to the publicity of the scientific reports regarding the use of glyphosate and its effects on humans.

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