Jacopo Alberti, Research Fellow at the University of Milan, has written a book entitled “Le agenzie dell’Unione europea”.

For those who read Italian (or are particularly willing to learn it), the volume gives an in-depth analysis of EU agencies and their impact on the EU legal order. Thence, these bodies are at the same time the object of the research and the lens through which the book looks at the evolution of EU governance and its system of judicial protection.

The volume develops a Ph.D. thesis defended in 2014 and aims at enriching the debates discussing, among others, the following issues:

  • The powers of EU agencies in the adoption of delegated and implementing acts;
  • The need to elaborate a dynamic model for delegation that suits the general evolution of EU governance;
  • The ‘international roots’ of EU agencies;
  • The rise of a ‘meta-agencification model’ for steering national and European executives;
  • The possible evolution of the EU judicial system (especially after the reform of the General Court) through the empowerment of EU agencies’ Boards of appeal;
  • The current and future role of EU agencies in infringement proceedings;
  • The current practice (and shortcomings) in the choice of EU agencies’ seat;
  • EU agencies’ external relation, proposing a classification and discussing their legitimacy.

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New book on EU Agencies by TARNYRP Member